Medical research

Warm technology puts people with dementia center stage

Warm technology is a user-friendly, non-stigmatizing technology aimed at what people with dementia can still do. This week the research into this topic at TU/e was formally recognized by Alzheimer Nederland as an expertise ...

Health informatics

Supermarket model to guide safer shopping amid pandemic

A Skoltech team has developed a model for assessing infection risks for supermarket customers. The researchers believe that their model will help formulate scientifically backed rules for safe shopping during the pandemic. ...


Scientists closing in on map of the mammalian immune system

Using artificial intelligence, UT Southwestern scientists have identified thousands of genetic mutations likely to affect the immune system in mice. The work is part of one Nobel laureate's quest to find virtually all such ...

Oncology & Cancer

Detecting oesophageal cancer with AI

Experts at UCL and spinout company Odin Vision working with clinicians at UCLH have used artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect early signs of oesophageal cancer.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Using artificial intelligence to overcome mental health stigma

Depression is a worldwide problem, with serious consequences for individual health and the economy, and rapid and effective screening tools are thus urgently needed to counteract its increasing prevalence. Now, researchers ...

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