Scientists release a new human 'pangenome' reference

Researchers have released a new high-quality collection of reference human genome sequences that captures substantially more diversity from different human populations than what was previously available. The work was led ...


Malnutrition rises in pregnant women in 12 at-risk countries

Acute malnutrition among pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers has increased by 25% in the past two years in 12 countries hard hit by rising food prices fueled by the fighting in Ukraine, according to a new United Nations ...


Asthma study sparks debate about safety of cooking with gas

New research that links cooking with natural gas to around 12 percent of childhood asthma cases has sparked debate about the health risks of kitchen stoves, as well as calls in the United States for stepped-up regulation.

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'Not necessary' to dwell on COVID death tally, Chinese experts say

Chinese health officials said Wednesday it was "not necessary" to dwell on the exact number of COVID deaths in the country, days after the World Health Organization criticised authorities' accounting of a surge in cases there.

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