EU aims for COVID certificate launch by end of June

The EU plans to get its COVID certificate scheme operational by the end of June to open up travel within the bloc in time for European summer vacations, a senior official said Tuesday.

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UK bans travel from 4 more nations over virus; 39 in all

The British government is gearing up to ban international arrivals from four more countries—Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines—amid concerns over new virus variants but opted against including France and ...

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How to cope with pandemic fatigue by imagining metaphors

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have dramatic impacts on mobility, work routines, social interactions and psychological distress. Although no longer novel, the pandemic is still causing an overall disruption of normality ...

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WHO scraps plan for interim report on Wuhan virus mission: WSJ

The World Health Organization has scrapped plans for a team that visited Wuhan, China to probe the origins of the coronavirus pandemic to issue an interim report, The Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday.

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