Oncology & Cancer

Q&A: 5 advances in cancer treatment

QUESTION: In the past year, several family members have been diagnosed with various types of cancer, including leukemia, melanoma, breast cancer and colon cancer. In talking about treatments, it seems as if there is more ...

Oncology & Cancer

The paired perils of breast cancer and diabetes

Breast cancer and type 2 diabetes would seem to be distinctly different diseases, with commonality only in their commonality. Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed malignancy after some types of skin cancer; approximately ...

Oncology & Cancer

Breast cancer survivors face higher risk for hypertension, diabetes

(HealthDay)—Women with, versus without, a history of breast cancer have a higher incidence of hypertension and diabetes up to 10 years following diagnosis, according to a study published online Jan. 13 in the Journal of ...

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