Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Monkeypox has likely spread undetected 'for some time': WHO

The WHO said Wednesday that hundreds of monkeypox cases have surfaced beyond the African countries where the disease is typically found, warning the virus has likely been spreading under the radar.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Thousands quarantined after Beijing man breaks COVID rules

A Beijing man has landed thousands of his neighbours in quarantine after he ignored an order to stay at home and later tested positive for COVID-19, prompting a police investigation.

Medical research

Cryo-EM imaging of STING protein reveals new binding pocket

Imaging at near-atomic resolution of a key immune protein commonly known as STING has revealed a previously unrecognized binding site that appears to be pivotal for launching immune attacks, UT Southwestern scientists report ...

Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Scientists uncover new targets for treating Parkinson's disease

Scientists at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) have found that people with Parkinson's disease have a clear "genetic signature" of the disease in their memory T cells. The scientists hope that targeting these genes ...

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