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Burnout a 'growing problem' for physician assistants

More than one-third of physician assistants (PAs) meet criteria for burnout, suggests a study in the September issue of JAAPA, Journal of the American Academy of PAs (AAPA).

Psychology & Psychiatry

High number of GPs wanted to leave before COVID, finds survey

The number of GPs who say they were likely to quit direct patient care within five years was 37%, even before the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey carried out by University of Manchester researchers.

Health informatics

Nationwide survey finds physician satisfaction with telehealth

In late November, the COVID-19 HealthCare Coalition, comprising more than 1,000 health care organizations, technology firms and nonprofits, including Mayo Clinic, published the Telehealth Impact Physician Survey results.

Psychology & Psychiatry

New inventory resource measures severity of work-related depression

First came their pioneering research a few years ago linking burnout and depression. Now City College of New York psychologist Irvin Sam Schonfeld and his University of Neuch√Ętel collaborator Renzo Bianchi present the Occupational ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Job interest not a big predictor of job satisfaction

Most people closing in on a high school or college degree, and even those casting their career fates without a diploma, at some point take an interest assessment to help determine how their interests relate to different jobs. ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Raising the bar on disability care

Encouraging paid workers to employ the 'right kind' of respectful personal relationship with young people with disability will lift standards in the sector, experts say.

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