Autism spectrum disorders

Improving health care autonomy for young adults with autism

Independence has always been a driving force in Nancy Cheak-Zamora's life. Now an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Health Professions, she grew up undiagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder ...


COVID-19 and Mexico's domestic violence crisis

Measures put in place to control COVID-19 have impacted the wellbeing of millions of people worldwide to such an extent that some experts question whether the harm caused will persist long after the pandemic has eased.

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NYC begins registering travelers at COVID-19 checkpoints

New York City opened new traveler checkpoints Thursday to register visitors and residents returning from checkpoints don't involve the police, but the city's Sheriff's Office, which enforces civil law, said it would pull ...

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New York to set up COVID-19 'checkpoints'

New York will put up checkpoints at key entry points to the city to ensure that travelers are complying with the state's quarantine requirements, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday.

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Can tear gas and pepper spray increase virus spread?

Police departments have used tear gas and pepper spray on protesters in recent weeks, raising concern that the chemical agents could increase the spread of the coronavirus.

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Law enforcement agency

In North American English, a Law enforcement agency (LEA) is an organisation that enforces the law.

Outside North America, such organisations are called police services. In North America, some of these services are called police, others have other names (e.g. sherriff's department; investigative police services in the USA are often called bureaus (e.g. FBI, ICE, ATF, DEA, USSS, SBI, etc.).)

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