Psychology & Psychiatry

Physician licensing laws keep doctors from seeking care

Despite growing problems with psychological distress, many physicians avoid seeking mental health treatment due to concern for their license. Mayo Clinic research shows that licensing requirements in many states include questions ...


Nevada's on-again, off-again marijuana sales back on

Nevada regulators reaffirmed Friday that they intend to issue licenses necessary for retailers to begin selling pot for recreational use on July 1, despite a court order that threatens to scuttle the plan.


Q&A: More questions than answers on legal pot in Nevada

The drug sellers aren't the problem when it comes to the highly anticipated launch of Nevada's recreational marijuana industry. It's the distributors who have muddled plans to allow people to light up July 1.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Iowa company gets first USDA license for bird flu vaccine (Update)

The first license to develop a bird flu vaccine has been awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a crucial step toward preventing another devastating outbreak like the one that led to the destruction of 48 million ...

Oncology & Cancer

Brazilian antibody will be used to create new cancer drug

Recepta Biopharma, a Brazilian company, has signed a licensing agreement with Mersana Therapeutics, under which the US-based company's technology will be used to produce a monoclonal antibody (mAb) that can be deployed for ...


Many new teen drivers 'crash' in simulated driving task

(HealthDay)—Around four in 10 newly licensed teen drivers "crashed" in a simulated driving test, suggesting that many adolescents lack the skills they need to stay safe on the road, according to a new study.


Interstate medical licensure compact formed

(HealthDay)—Nine states have enacted the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact law, with the seventh state's enactment triggering formation of a commission to administer a process for physicians seeking licensure in multiple ...

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