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Q&A: How does self-esteem affects relationships?

In February, as some people's thoughts turn toward romance, they might wonder: What does it take to keep a relationship strong? Dr. Joanne Wood, distinguished professor emerita in Psychology, explains how one's self-esteem ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

The secrets to self-confidence, according to cognitive science

In 2019, 7.2% of people in the European Union suffered from chronic depression. The human—and economic—cost of this illness is considerable, which is why the European Commission unveiled a €1.23 billion mental health ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Teens and depression: A back-to-school concern

With many teens heading back to school, peer pressure and academic expectations are once again a reality. These added pressures can cause ups and downs during what can be an already tumultuous time of life. For some teens, ...

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