Food stamps stretch farther when recipients have time to cook

A new paper in JAMA Network Open, written by Berkeley Public Health Professor of Community Health Sciences Barbara Laraia, Ph.D., MPH, RD, Anil Aswani, Ph.D., associate professor of industrial engineering and operations research ...

Overweight & Obesity

Study helps Latino children manage obesity over two years

A three-year intervention designed to reduce weight gain in overweight and obese Latino children generated improvements in body mass index and many other health measures during the trial's initial two years, according to ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

France to ban outdoor drinking under new virus restrictions

Alcoholic drinks will be prohibited in French parks and other outdoor public spaces as part of the new limited nationwide lockdown to stem the COVID-19 crisis, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Thursday.

Autism spectrum disorders

A tool for more inclusive autism screening

Screening tools for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often fail to identify ASD among children from low-income families and racial/ethnic minority groups, particularly when English is not the family's primary language. A new ...


Picture books can boost physical activity for youth with autism

While physical activity is important for everyone, research has shown people with developmental disabilities do not exercise as often as their typically developed peers. In an effort to close this disparity, a researcher ...

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