Obstetrics & gynaecology

Is lumbopelvic pain in pregnancy under-reported?

A new study has shown that pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain is under-reported to health care providers (HCPs), and under-treated, even though treatment is usually effective. The study, which found that difficulty with daily ...


Q and A: Proper posture and body alignment

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My grandmother lives with me, and she is always nagging me to "stand up straight" and "put your shoulders back." She says good posture will keep me healthy as I age. But I'm only 17. Does it really matter ...

Medical research

Study offers fresh hope for people living with chronic back pain

Long-term sufferers of chronic back pain experienced dramatic reductions in pain and related disability that remained at their one-year follow-up after taking part in a new treatment tested by Curtin-Macquarie-Monash University ...

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Osteoarthritis sufferers swing their way to better health

Golf is acknowledged as a sport allowing players to blow off steam and enjoy the outdoors, but a new study led by the University of South Australia shows it may have serious benefits for people with chronic disease osteoarthritis.

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