Asian nations in early tobacco epidemic: study

Asian countries are in the early stages of a tobacco smoking epidemic with habits mirroring those of the United States from past decades, setting the stage for a spike in future deaths from smoking-related diseases.

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Hong Kong culls 19,000 birds amid avian flu alert (Update)

Hong Kong culled thousands of chickens Wednesday after the potentially deadly H7N9 bird flu virus was discovered in poultry imported from China, days after a woman was admitted to hospital with the disease.

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Legacy of SARS in Asia offers lessons for Ebola fight

The SARS outbreak of 2003 put Hong Kong on the frontline of a global health crisis—but the city's ultimately successful war on the virus offers lessons for those now battling Ebola.

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Macau culls 7,500 chicken over bird flu scare

Macau culled 7,500 chicken after discovering the H7-type avian influenza in live poultry for the first time in the city, authorities said Thursday, adding the birds had been imported from mainland China.

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