Advice for distance runners from physical therapy experts

Distance running is a fantastic way to get outside and get moving, and a marathon can be especially rewarding. But marathon training and the race itself are hard on anyone's body and require proper preparation.


Smart steps to recover after running a marathon

You've just crossed the finish line of a marathon—26.2 hard-fought miles under your belt, and a medal around your neck. What should you do to recover? For starters, keep going, says David Nolan, a physical therapist who ...


Mayo Clinic Q&A: Running for better health

A few neighbors formed a running group to train for a marathon in 2021. I'm thinking about joining them as I know that running can be good exercise, but I've never run before. Is running a marathon actually good for my health? ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Rehabilitation after COVID-19

For some patients who have had COVID-19, symptoms of the disease may last long after the infection is over. These "long haulers," who have what is known as post-COVID syndrome, may need rehabilitation to return to daily activities ...

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