Medical research

Two new technologies that could change cancer treatment

By studying the biomechanics of cancer in the breast and bladder, the Mechano-Control and Edit projects are developing new ways of cancer identification and treatment that could open up new avenues in cancer research

Biomedical technology

Bio-inspired scaffolds help promote muscle growth

Rice University bioengineers are fabricating and testing tunable electrospun scaffolds completely derived from decellularized skeletal muscle to promote the regeneration of injured skeletal muscle.


A technique to produce transplantable livers in the laboratory

Researchers at the Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center (HUG-CELL), hosted by the University of São Paulo's Institute of Biosciences (IB-USP) in Brazil, have developed a technique to reconstruct and produce livers ...

Medical research

The bald truth—altered cell divisions cause hair thinning

Hair grows from stem cells residing in hair follicles. During aging, the capability of hair follicles to grow hair is successively lost, leading to hair thinning and ultimately hair loss. In a new study, researchers from ...

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