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Eruption-hit Tonga closes borders as COVID detected

Volcano-devastated Tonga will close its borders Wednesday after COVID-19 was detected in the previously virus-free Pacific kingdom as it struggles to recover from last month's deadly disaster, officials said.


US regulators lay out plan for over-the-counter hearing aids

Health regulators on Tuesday unveiled their proposal to allow Americans to buy hearing aids without a prescription, a long-awaited move intended to make the devices more accessible to millions of people with hearing problems.

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Hearing loss could be cause of depression in older people

University of Manchester researchers have discovered that hearing loss may act as a cause of depression in older people. And those in the lowest wealth groups, they found, had up to twice the relative risk of developing depression ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Iran's army sets up hospital in virus-stricken capital

The Iranian military has set up a 2,000-bed hospital in an exhibition center in the capital to shore up the local health care system as it battles the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East, state TV reported.

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