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GM, Ford finish making 80,000 ventilators

(HealthDay)—General Motors and Ford have completed U.S. government contracts to make 80,000 medical breathing machines for the U.S. government to help treat COVID-19 patients.

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Virus-linked border moves raise fears on free travel in EU

As European countries struggle to manage spikes in coronavirus cases, concern is mounting about a "second wave" of uncoordinated border restrictions within Europe that threatens the free movement of goods and people—a foundation ...


How have primary care physicians adapted during the pandemic?

If you look just beyond the surge of patients who rushed to hospitals to be treated for COVID-19 this year, you'll find another group of people—people with broken hips or chronic illnesses—who need medical care before, ...

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Tracking aerosols during eye surgeries

There is growing evidence that the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, could spread through aerosols—tiny droplets that can remain suspended in the air for hours in closed spaces. Aerosols generated during surgeries and outpatient ...

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Virus cases up sharply in Africa, India as inequality stings

South Africa's confirmed coronavirus cases have doubled in just two weeks to a quarter-million, and India on Saturday saw its biggest daily spike as its infections passed 800,000. The surging cases are raising sharp concerns ...

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