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Masks powerful and cost-effective in combating COVID-19

In a new analysis of more than 115 studies on the effectiveness of masks in controlling COVID-19, BYU professor Ben Abbott and three students found that "masks could be one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools to ...

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Russian nuclear sub city closes access over virus

A Russian Arctic shipyard city known for nuclear submarine production, Severodvinsk, will be sealed off on Friday to contain a coronavirus outbreak there as the country's confirmed cases neared 450,000.

Medical research

Electrospun manuka honey nanofibrous wound dressings

As instances of antibiotic resistance increase in the medical field, scientists are reexamining natural materials for their potential use in medicine. Honey has been used for thousands of years—from the time of Pharaohs—for ...

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Bahrain turns car park into ICU for virus patients

Bahrain has turned a car park near the capital Manama into an intensive care unit with 130 beds for patients infected with the novel coronavirus, in a first in the Gulf.

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