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Lancet boosts review process after COVID study retraction

The prestigious Lancet medical journal said it is bolstering its scientific review process after being forced to retract a study into the effects of an anti-arthritis drug on COVID-19 patients.

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Study finds India missed early cases, lockdown was leaky

Results of India's first nationwide study of prevailing coronavirus infections found that for every confirmed case detected in May, authorities were missing between 82 and 130 others.

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Mathematical modeling in the age of COVID-19

Predicting the future has always been risky but never more so than at the start of 2020. COVID-19, a disease that in January barely merited a footnote in medical journals, has, in less than a year, exploded onto all continents ...


Federal and state websites flunk COVID-19 reading-level review

Information about COVID-19 offered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House, and state health departments failed to meet recommendations for communicating with the public, according to a Dartmouth ...

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