An Alzheimer's drug might ease hair-pulling disorder

A long-established Alzheimer's drug can help people with a disorder that causes them to compulsively pull at their hair or pick at their skin, a new clinical trial has concluded.

Oncology & Cancer

Genes reveal kidney cancer's risk of recurrence

Studying the mutations in kidney cancer after surgery could help to better predict the risk of the disease coming back, according to the latest results of a decade-long international study.


When is remdesivir effective for COVID-19?

Remdesivir was one of the first medications approved for treatment of COVID-19. Clinical studies evaluated its effectiveness, but did not generate conclusive results. A new analysis of the study data shows that a specific ...


Tackling skin inflammation with vitamin D

High-dose oral vitamin D reduced skin inflammation and increased immunoprotection in patients with chemical-induced skin rashes, according to findings from a recent Northwestern Medicine clinical trial published in JCI Insight.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

On pins and needles: Just what is dry needling?

You may have heard of a treatment called dry needling and wondered what it is or if it's right for you. While the name of the procedure may sound intimidating, dry needling is an accessible and commonly offered therapy for ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

WHO says Equatorial Guinea confirms 1st outbreak of Marburg

The World Health Organization says that Equatorial Guinea has confirmed its first-ever outbreak of Marburg disease, saying the Ebola-related virus is responsible for at least nine deaths in the tiny Western African country.

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