Psychology & Psychiatry

Neurobiological research: Melody as a feature of poetry

Music and language share numerous common parameters that have already been intensively investigated. Melody, however, has so far been largely neglected. A research team from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

From melody to language: Speech development in babies

In the first few months of their lives, babies cry, babble, gurgle and make a variety of other peculiar sounds. It can be difficult to imagine that they are actually laying the foundations for later speech with these utterances. ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Sounds can help develop speech and gestures in children with autism

Children with autism and other similar conditions often have difficulties in several areas of communication. A new doctoral thesis in linguistics from the University of Gothenburg shows that these children can develop speech, ...


Babies can learn their first lullabies in the womb

An infant can recognize a lullaby heard in the womb for several months after birth, potentially supporting later speech development. This is indicated in a new study at the University of Helsinki.

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