Gerontology & Geriatrics

New aged care funding model offers reform for Australians

The profile of Australian aged care residents has changed markedly in recent years, and the developers of a new system for classifying residents, published today by the Medical Journal of Australia, say their model is better ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Poor mental health in lockdown most common among young women

Young women are the most likely to have experienced high levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness in lockdown, compared to older adults, according to new research from the UCL Center for Longitudinal Studies (CLS).


Children in care 'suffer poor health for decades'

Children and young people who grow up in care are up to four times more likely to suffer from poor health 30 years later than those who grew up with their parents, finds new research from UCL and King's College London.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Emotional concerns: the importance of GP-patient communication

In the UK, general practitioners (GPs) are the most commonly used providers of care for the emotional concerns of patients. The number of people going to GPs is very likely to increase after COVID-19 as experts are predicting ...

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