Oncology & Cancer

Erk5 and its potential applications in cancer treatment

A new editorial paper was published in Oncoscience, titled "Role of Erk5 expressed in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on bone homeostasis and its potential applications in cancer treatment."


Review explores cell-based immunotherapies for sepsis

Imagine the human body mounting an excessively heightened reaction to an infection, causing multiple organ failures and posing a risk of death. This condition, recognized as sepsis, affects approximately 49 million individuals ...

Overweight & Obesity

New cells could be key to treating obesity

Understanding how fat tissue forms and functions is crucial for addressing obesity and related metabolic diseases. However, adipose tissue, or body fat, behaves differently based on its location in the body.


Optimizing tissue engineering in rotator cuff repair

Retear and failure to heal are significant post-operative complications in rotator cuff repair surgery despite the use of commercially available rotator cuff repair grafts. Advances in tissue engineering have demonstrated ...

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