Medical research

Developing standards for organ-on-a-chip research

When testing a new medicine, researchers must do more than assess how well that drug works. They also have to determine whether the medicine has some negative, unintended consequences.


A lab-on-a-chip for T cell screening and sorting

Currently, it is a difficult and laborious process to place two cells in contact with each other to examine their binding characteristics. It is however a necessary step in understanding how cells interact in the hopes of ...

Medical research

'Spleen-on-a-chip' yields insight into sickle cell disease

Every day, billions of red blood cells pass through the spleen, an organ that is responsible for filtering out old or damaged blood cells. This task is made more difficult when the blood cells are misshapen, as they are in ...

Oncology & Cancer

Improving cancer diagnostics through microfluidics

Dr. Raphael Pollock has earned the reputation as one of the world's best surgical oncologists for patients facing one of the toughest cancers to treat, sarcoma. Frequently these tumors start out in the very deepest recesses ...

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