Targeted micronutrition ameliorates allergy symptoms

Micronutrient deficiencies can promote inflammation and render the immune system particularly sensitive to allergenic substances. In particular, iron deficiency signals danger to immune cells and leads to a more pronounced, ...

Attention deficit disorders

Vitamins, minerals improve symptoms for children with ADHD

Children with ADHD and emotional dysregulation who were given a micronutrient-dense formula made of all known vitamins and essential minerals were three times more likely to have better concentration and improved moods, research ...


Study strengthens case that vitamins cannot treat COVID-19

A new review of COVID-19 hospitalization data by researchers at The University of Toledo has found that taking immune-boosting supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc do not lessen your chance of dying from COVID-19.

Oncology & Cancer

Improving diet management for cancer patients

A new dietary tool to quickly and accurately assess micronutrient levels aims to help cancer patients fight disease, paving the way to find better nutritional solutions for oncology services, Flinders University researchers ...

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