Australia could become voice for global vaccine equality

An expert from The Australian National University (ANU) is urging Australia to support international calls at the World Trade Organization for pharmaceutical giants to not only waive intellectual property protections for ...

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WHO's COVID weapons fight still $16.8 bn short

The World Health Organization's global appeal for funding for coronavirus vaccines, treatments, diagnostics and equipment is still $16.8-billion short—almost half its total needs, the WHO said Tuesday.


COVID-19 aggravates antibiotic misuse in India

The COVID-19 catastrophe in India has resulted in more than 30 million people infected with the virus and nearly 400,000 deaths, though experts are concerned that the figures most likely are much higher. Meanwhile, another ...

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Africa battles new COVID-19 wave hitting faster and harder

Africa is facing a devastating resurgence of COVID-19 infections whose peak will surpass that of earlier waves as the continent's countries struggle to vaccinate even a small percentage of the population, top health officials ...

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