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Phone apps can improve caregiver mental health

Those who care for older adults suffering with memory loss and other cognitive impairments can significantly reduce their depression, stress, and anxiety by focusing on what is going on at the moment and engaging in mindfulness ...


Exploring psychosomatic inflammation

Your phone pings. It's a notification from your friend, who you just went out for a drink with last night. According to her text, she has just tested positive for COVID-19. You start feeling your throat, you sneak a short ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mindfulness meditation helps preterm-born adolescents

Adolescents born prematurely present a high risk of developing executive, behavioral and socio-emotional difficulties. Now, researchers from Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have revealed ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Know yourself to better help others

It took 15 years for psychologist Elizabeth Mutunga's father to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, after he began forgetting what day it was.

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