How living like a hunter-gatherer could improve your health

Many of us want to live long, happy and healthy lives. Yet it's often confusing to know the best way to achieve this, and many aspects of modern, westernized living conspire to keep us from achieving this goal.


New genotype tests reveal most Brits have Neanderthal DNA

A leading testing expert says DNA genotype testing is revealing how most of us have a little Neanderthal in our blood, and how our unique DNA sequence can reveal our origins and track our ancestors' migration over 50,000 ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How plants can change your state of mind

Plants look so different from animals, that it's easy for many people to think of them as alien and separate from us. Most people appreciate how pretty flowers and trees look and know photosynthesis is essential to life. ...


Does it matter what time you go to bed?

Some of us love to be tucked up in bed by a particular time every night, ensuring a certain number of hours of sleep. Others go to bed when they start to feel tired, or when they've finally finished everything they wanted ...

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