Medical economics

Urban heat islands have a health cost, reveals study

A new study led by EPFL has produced the first cost estimate of the impact that urban heat islands have on human health. The study looked at 85 European cities over the course of three full years, meaning it also took into ...

Medical research

Zika infection in pregnant macaques slows fetal growth

Zika virus infection in pregnant rhesus macaques slows fetal growth and affects how infants and mothers interact in the first month of life, according to a new study from researchers at the California National Primate Research ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

CDC: Warm waters raise risk for flesh-eating bacteria

As waters warm across the United States and hurricanes and flooding season begin, the odds of being infected by flesh-eating bacteria are also rising, U.S. health officials warn.


Cold weather may pose challenges to treating high blood pressure

Blood pressure among patients diagnosed with hypertension appeared to slightly increase and rates of systolic (top number) blood pressure being controlled during an outpatient visit appeared to slightly decrease during winter ...

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