Psychology & Psychiatry

Mental health ills are rising. Do mood-tracking apps help?

You can already track your steps, your sleep—why not track your mood? Apple's latest software updates for its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will now allow users to log and track their moods. They are far from the first ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study urges more research into sex differences in depression

In 2016, recognizing that lack of research in female animals was hampering the success of treatments for mood disorders, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) changed its policy for basic research to include sex as a biological ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Understanding effects of heat on mental health

A heat wave is affecting parts of the U.S., including much of the Southwest, through the Southeast and parts of Europe. When temperatures soar, the heat can take a toll more than just physically. Our well-being can suffer ...

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