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Peru fumigation effort aims to curb dengue outbreak

Health personnel in protective suits are going door to door in Peru, fumigating homes to eradicate mosquitos spreading the dengue-causing virus that has already killed 79 people in the country this year.

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The search for a malaria vaccine

Our battle with malaria has lasted thousands of years. We need better vaccines or we risk losing, according to UNSW Sydney researchers.

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Dengue fever is making inroads in Europe

Cases of the mosquito-borne illness dengue are typically seen in the tropics, but with the changing climate that may be changing.

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British woman infected with dengue in the south of France

Doctors in the UK and France give details of a British woman who was infected with dengue while visiting family near Nice in September 2022, in a case report being presented at this year's European Congress of Clinical Microbiology ...

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Deadly dengue virus hijacks mosquito saliva to spread sickness

The saliva of mosquitoes infected with dengue viruses contains a substance that thwarts the human immune system and makes it easier for people to become infected with the potentially deadly viruses, new research published ...

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Lab-made antibodies offer potential cure for yellow fever

New research from Oregon Health & Science University and collaborators indicates that lab-made antibodies may be able to cure people infected with yellow fever, a virus for which there is no treatment.


Q and A: Travel safety tips

I have a group of friends with whom I love to travel. We plan several trips a year, and this spring we are planning to go outside the U.S. and visit the Caribbean. We will stay at an all-inclusive resort in a popular destination ...

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Hidden 'super spreaders' spur dengue fever transmission, finds study

For mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, the abundance of the insects in places where people gather has long served as the main barometer for infection risk. A new study, however, suggests that the number of "hidden" ...

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Dengue treatment advances in animal trials

A new dengue treatment that could become the first to prevent and treat the virus has proven effective in initial trials in monkeys, according to new research.

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Anophelinae Culicinae Toxorhynchitinae

Mosquito (from the Spanish and Portuguese meaning "small fly") is a common flying insect in the family Culicidae that is found around the world. There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes. They are vectors for a number of infectious diseases that kill millions of people per year.

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