'Tech neck' is a pain in more than just the neck

The typical average adult head weighs approximately 10–12 pounds. But did you know that bending it forward at a 45-degree angle to look at a cellphone or tablet can dramatically increase your chances to have "tech neck?"


What running the length of Africa does to the body

A 27-year-old British man has recently accomplished the astonishing feat of running the length of Africa. Russ Cook, from Worthing, West Sussex, set out on his 16,000km (9,940 miles) run on 22 April 2023. The journey from ...


This is how tobacco damages our cells

My father smoked a pipe for some time, and I vividly remember that sticky black substance—tar—which stuck to the device's filter. Now imagine this stuff going into your lungs, and coating their walls. The picture is unpleasant, ...

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