Health informatics

Nasal microbiota is potential diagnostic biomarker for sepsis

The nasal microbiota of intensive care unit (ICU) patients effectively distinguishes sepsis from non-septic cases and outperforms analyzing the gut microbiota to predict sepsis, according to a new study published in Microbiology ...


Oral insulin drops offer relief for diabetes patients

Diabetes rates continue to rise, with 11.7 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. At UBC, scientists have created a pain-free drug delivery method to help people with diabetes manage the disease and maintain ...

Medical research

The brain might also have a microbiome—what you need to know

The microbes that live in your gut are having their moment in the sun. Even if you haven't been following the research, you can't have missed the hundreds of adverts for probiotics and prebiotics, aimed at selling you products ...

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