Look at method used to assess state of public health system

To assess the state of the public health system in the United States, KHN, also known as Kaiser Health News, and The Associated Press analyzed data on government spending and staffing at national, state and local levels.

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Keeping governments accountable: The COVID-10 assessment scorecard

A new commentary published in Nature Medicine calls for governments to recognize the urgent need to improve their outbreak preparation and response. Noting that many governments are pinning their hopes on a vaccine against ...

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Britain set to launch 'test and trace' in England

The British government said Wednesday it will launch its coronavirus "test and trace" service across England on Thursday, a key pillar in its strategy to ease a nationwide lockdown introduced in late March.

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Mapping the global molecular diagnostics industry for COVID-19 tests

Together with measures like social distancing and self-isolation, quality testing is an essential part of efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. With testing strategies adopted by different countries under intense scrutiny, ...

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UK minister warns no big changes to virus lockdown

The British government warned the public on Friday not to expect any major changes to the nationwide coronavirus lockdown next week, as the official daily death toll topped 31,000.

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How to prepare for a pandemic

The exact place, time and variety of disease currently gripping the world could not have been predicted. Yet we knew a pandemic of some kind was likely to strike eventually, and many of its likely characteristics have been ...

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