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Israel to ease lockdown as Covid numbers slow

Israel announced Friday that it will ease lockdown measures but keep its international airport closed until February 20 following a slight fall in the spread of coronavirus cases.

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Restrictions tightened, but no new virus lockdown in Belgium

Belgian Prime minister Alexander De Croo stopped short Friday of imposing another full lockdown, as the country did in March, but introduced a series of new restrictive measures as the number of COVID-19-related hospital ...


Creative ways to exercise during the pandemic

With the coronavirus causing some gym-goers and regulars at the local recreation center to reconsider their workout spot, staying physically active means getting creative with an exercise routine closer to home. There are ...

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Health officers sound alarm as California economy reopens

Health officials in a San Francisco Bay Area county that was among the most aggressive in the nation in shutting down its economy to slow the spread of the coronavirus are warning of "worrisome" growing infections as California ...

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Nearly two million Australians download coronavirus tracker app

Nearly two million Australians rushed to download a new smartphone app designed to make coronavirus contact tracing easier, the government said Monday, overlooking privacy concerns in the hope of speeding up the end of social-distancing ...

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