Do most Mount Everest climbers use medications, and should they?

The ethics of using medications to improve performance and increase the likelihood of success in high-altitude climbing remains a controversial topic, and a new study that asked climbers of Mount Everest their opinions and ...

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US reports unusual spike in human plague cases

An unusually high number of cases of human plague have been recorded by US health authorities since April—11 in all, with three of them fatal, officials said Tuesday.

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Health officials investigate another plague case in Yosemite

California health officials are investigating another possible case of plague in a tourist from Georgia who fell ill after visiting Yosemite National Park, the second case in less than a month.

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Camper deaths, presence of plague darken summer at Yosemite

The deaths of two young campers killed when a tree branch fell on their tent and a campground closure because of plague has cast a pall over California's Yosemite National Park at the height of the summer tourist season.

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Monkey model of hantavirus disease established

National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers have developed an animal model of human hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) in rhesus macaques, an advance that may lead to treatments, vaccines and improved methods of diagnosing ...

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