'Breast is best' message can be harmful

New research conducted by the University of Liverpool shows that mothers can experience negative emotions such as guilt, stigma and the need to defend their feeding choices regardless of how they feed their baby.

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Early family system types predict children's emotional attention

The type of family system during pregnancy and the baby's first year predicts the way the child processes emotional information. The results of a ten-year longitudinal study conducted at the University of Tampere highlight ...

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Research shows that kids as young as 18 months understand stoicism

When you're one and a half years old, having your favourite ball taken away is likely to result in a temper tantrum. But while babies wear their feelings on the sleeves of their onesies, adults often mask their emotions, ...

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For infants, stress may be caught, not taught

(Medical Xpress)—New research shows that babies not only pick up on their mother's stress, they also show corresponding physiological changes.

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