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LGBTQ+ campus centers 'more important than ever' argue scholars

'Essential services' is a phrase that has become commonplace in the era of COVID-19. In a new commentary piece, scholars from Lehigh University and Ohio State University argue that LGBTQ+ college and university campus resource ...

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Journeying through the pandemic

As people across the U.S. and the world struggle with the challenge of living in societies ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the journey mindset described in the recent paper by Szu-chi Huang and Jennifer Aaker could prove ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Fireworks can torment veterans and survivors of gun violence with PTSD

For some combat veterans, the Fourth of July is not a time to celebrate the independence of the country they love. Instead, the holiday is a terrifying ordeal. That's because the noise of fireworks—loud, sudden, and reminiscent ...

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Why the LGBT community is at greater risk from COVID-19

More than 200,000 LGBT adults in California have medical conditions that increase their vulnerability to the effects of COVID-19, according to new research by Kathryn O'Neill, a policy analyst with the Williams Institute ...

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Q&A: how 'FOMO' changed shape during quarantine

Scrolling through social media, you might, in normal times, come across photos of friends on vacation, or trying a new restaurant, and get a sinking feeling. Why weren't you there? What else are you missing out on?

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