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Bipolar structure for nerve cell migration

The cerebral cortex is responsible for a large number of complex brain functions, ranging from the perception of sensory stimuli through alertness, memory and language to consciousness. Neurobiologists at the Max Planck Institute ...

Nov 05, 2018
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Deciphering the biological clock

Researchers at LUMC are trying to decipher the biological clock. This knowledge can help deal with luxury problems, such as jetlag, but can also counter diseases. Molecular neurobiologist Erno Vreugdenhil explains.

Oct 26, 2018
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Biomarkers facilitate early detection of glaucoma

Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have identified new potential biomarkers that may facilitate early detection of glaucoma in patients. Moreover, they ascertained that the mutation of a certain gene in mice causes intraocular ...

Oct 25, 2018
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Study focuses on causes of MS disability

"Determining the mechanism that may be contributing to nerve cell damage could help us develop new drugs that better treat the disability caused by multiple sclerosis," said USask neurology professor Dr. Michael Levin, Saskatchewan ...

Oct 16, 2018
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