4D printing allows flexible electrodes for nerve stimulation

Specific nerves may be stimulated artificially, for example to treat pain. The finer the nerves, the more difficult it is to attach the required electrodes. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and NTT ...


Study highlights varied need for Botox with vocal disorders

Some of Dr. Tanya Meyer's patients contend with chronic neuromuscular conditions that can turn smooth, unencumbered speech into raspy paroxysms of sound. Fortunately, this can be managed with periodic botulinum toxin injections—yes, ...

Medical research

Wearable microscopes advance spinal cord imaging in mice

The spinal cord acts as a messenger, carrying signals between the brain and body to regulate everything from breathing to movement. While the spinal cord is known to play an essential role in relaying pain signals, technology ...


Spinal cord stimulation may help diabetic neuropathy

People with painful diabetic neuropathy may be able to get relief from high-frequency spinal cord stimulation, according to a preliminary study released today, February 28, 2023, that will be presented at the American Academy ...


Mapping the neural activity in mammalian brains

The function of the brain depends on the kind of circuit network it forms to enable perception and actions. No technology exists, however, to help reveal the structure of the hidden network by examining the neural activity ...


Study reveals how CBD counters epileptic seizures

A study reveals a previously unknown way in which cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in cannabis, reduces seizures in many treatment-resistant forms of pediatric epilepsy.

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