Uncovering the role of somatostatin signaling in the brain

Somatostatin, a signaling molecule produced by many inhibitory neurons in the brain, broadly dampens communication among a variety of cell types in the prefrontal cortex and promotes exploratory and risk-taking-like behavior ...


Understanding the magic of movie watching in the brain

In a new article, published in Science Advances, researchers from Universities of Oxford (UK), Aarhus (Denmark), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and UPF have shown how watching movies, a favorite pastime for billions of people, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study confirms link between genetics, neuropsychiatric disorders

A Geisinger study of more than 90,000 patients revealed that approximately one in 100 carried at least one rare gene variant known to increase risk for neuropsychiatric disorders (NPD), such as schizophrenia and autism spectrum ...

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