EU regulator wants vaccine data on mutation protection

Europe's medicines regulator said Wednesday it has asked all developers to probe whether their vaccines offer protection against new coronavirus mutations, with a view to issuing new guidelines for manufacturers.

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India eases curbs further as COVID-19 cases tumble

India has further eased coronavirus restrictions, bucking the trend in many other countries as the huge Asian nation's infection and death numbers fall sharply.


ADA lowers target HbA1C levels for children with type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by elevated levels of sugar or glucose (hyperglycemia) in the blood. This occurs due to the lack of the hormone insulin in type 1 diabetes, and to reduced insulin levels in combination with insulin ...

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New guidelines for treating the complications of brain tumors

The brain can be affected by a number of different types of tumor and this leads to serious complications such as epileptic attacks, brain edema, hemorrhage, or thrombosis. Hitherto, there have been no uniform standards available ...

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CDC to shorten COVID-19 quarantine to 10 days, 7 with test

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is set to shorten the recommended length of quarantine after exposure to someone who is positive for COVID-19, as the virus rages across the nation.

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