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Hearing aid coverage could be 'transformational'

About half of all Americans older than 60 and two-thirds older than 70 have some degree of hearing loss, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers. Many older people cannot afford the prohibitive price of hearing ...

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Louisiana lifts mask mandate amid sharp drop in COVID cases

Louisiana is ending its statewide indoor mask mandate after emerging from its latest and worst coronavirus spike of the pandemic and seeing a sharp decline in new COVID-19 infections, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Tuesday.


Bad vibrations for motorbike couriers

The e-commerce sector has led to a massive increase in the number of motorcycle couriers criss-crossing our city streets every day delivering packages and food to countless destinations. A new experimental investigation into ...

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Italy reduces quarantine for UK travellers

Italy will allow passengers from the United Kingdom, Austria and Israel to undergo a shorter, five-day quarantine on entering the country under new regulations that take effect on Tuesday.

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Israel imposes near-lockdown to contain virus

Israel on Tuesday barred residents from leaving home for "non-essential" reasons and stopped night-time public transport, tightening already strict measures to fight the spread of coronavirus.

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