Video: How innovation is transforming heart transplants

Mayo Clinic doctors are using innovation to improve the lives of people who suffer from congestive heart failure and other chronic heart conditions. The Organ Care System, also known as "heart in a box," is potentially helping ...


Engineered material can reconnect severed nerves

Researchers have long recognized the therapeutic potential of using magnetoelectrics—materials that can turn magnetic fields into electric fields—to stimulate neural tissue in a minimally invasive way and help treat neurological ...


Two dads, one baby? Gene technique works in mice

For the first time in history, scientists have created mice with two dads, foretelling a day when same-sex couples may be able to have biological children of their own.


Deep learning reconstruction enables accelerated knee MRI

Deep learning (DL) reconstructed knee magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is diagnostically equivalent to conventional accelerated MRI for evaluating internal derangement of the knee in a clinical setting, according to a study ...

Medical economics

Will your smartphone be the next doctor's office?

The same devices used to take selfies and type out tweets are being repurposed and commercialized for quick access to information needed for monitoring a patient's health. A fingertip pressed against a phone's camera lens ...

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