Scientists record powerful signal in the brain's white matter

The human brain is made up of two kinds of matter: the nerve cell bodies (gray matter), which process sensation, control voluntary movement, and enable speech, learning and cognition, and the axons (white matter), which connect ...

Radiology & Imaging

Enhancing PET image quality with deep learning

The axial field of view (AFOV) plays a pivotal role in determining image quality in positron emission tomography (PET). While total-body PET scanners like the uEXPLORER offer superior sensitivity, they come at a higher cost ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Ketamine found to increase brain noise

An international team of researchers including Sofya Kulikova, Senior Research Fellow at the HSE University-Perm, found that ketamine, being an NMDA receptor inhibitor, increases the brain's background noise, causing higher ...

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