Pfizer, BioNTech seek emergency use of COVID-19 shots in US

Pfizer formally asked U.S. regulators Friday to allow emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine, starting the clock on a process that could bring limited first shots as early as next month and eventually an end to the pandemic—but ...

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UK under pressure as COVID-19 epidemic doubling every 9 days

The British government is under pressure to develop a national strategy to combat a surge of COVID-19 cases and "rescue Christmas'' as scientists warn that the number of people hospitalized with the disease in the U.K. could ...

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Adults remain at home despite lockdown easing

People in the UK are continuing to spend several days a week at home, despite lockdown measures being eased, finds UCL's COVID-19 social study.

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1 in 5 in Stockholm have virus antibodies: Sweden

Sweden, which has controversially taken a softer approach to the coronavirus pandemic, said Wednesday that more than one in five people in Stockholm were believed to have developed antibodies to the virus.

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