Cardiologists publish case series study on heart valve procedure

Findings from a published case series research letter by the Henry Ford Health Structural Heart Disease team show that severe mitral stenosis, due to a build-up of calcium deposits in the mitral valve common in elderly patients, ...

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Severe COVID-19 is a thrombotic disease, study claims

Blood clotting (thrombosis) in the capillary vessels of the lungs is one of the first consequences of severe COVID-19, even preceding the respiratory distress caused by diffuse alveolar damage, according to a Brazilian study ...


Consumer health: When does a heart murmur need treatment?

Heart murmurs are sounds, such as whooshing or swishing, made by rapid, choppy blood flow through the heart. The sounds can be heard with a device called a stethoscope and are different from those of a normal heartbeat.

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