Ohio has room to expand medication-assisted opioid treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is among the most effective approaches to treat opioid dependency, but not as many Ohio clinicians who could be administering drugs like buprenorphine or naltrexone are doing so, found a recent ...


US Congress confirms new drug regulator chief

US cardiologist and scientist Robert Califf was narrowly confirmed Tuesday as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, despite opposition from Democrats who accused him of contributing to the country's opioid crisis.


Why dentists are prescribing fewer opioids

If you've ever had a root canal or tooth extraction, you might have been handed a prescription for Vicodin or another opioid painkiller to help you recover after your procedure.


Experts propose solutions to the opioid crisis in North America

(HealthDay)—Fundamental reform of regulatory systems is needed to address the opioid crisis in North America and beyond, according to recommendations from a Commission report published online Feb. 2 in The Lancet.

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