Oncology & Cancer

Hearing loss and tinnitus are common in cancer survivors

While children receiving chemotherapy routinely undergo hearing tests, adults don't, and a new study by UC San Francisco reports for the first time that significant hearing issues often occur among adult survivors of the ...


Spain moves to widen medical use of cannabis

Spanish lawmakers approved Monday a text calling for the medical use of cannabis to be widened, paving the way for its sale in pharmacies within the next six months.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Does grief depend on how the loved one died?

Is the grief experience different for individuals who have lost a loved one by medical assistance in dying (MAiD) compared to natural death with palliative care (NDPC)?

Medical economics

Disparities remain in end-of-life care in New Jersey

Minority patient groups—including those whose primary language is not English and those who have lower middle-income economic status—with a diagnosis of metastatic cancer, are less likely to receive end-of-life palliative ...


What is palliative care? How is it different from hospice?

When most people hear the term palliative care, they look worried or confused. Introducing myself to patients and families as a palliative medicine physician, I commonly hear things like, "Does this mean I am dying?" or "I ...


Global disparities persist in opioid painkiller access

Global opioid sales increased by an estimated 4% annually from 2015 to 2019, but massive disparities in access to essential pain relief medications persist between countries, finds a study led by UCL researchers.

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