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Why historians ignored the Spanish flu

To judge by the popularity of films like World War Z, pandemics are in vogue and none more so than the Spanish influenza of 1918-19. To mark the centenary of the pandemic this autumn, the BBC has commissioned Spanish Flu: ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Tracking the flu via tweets

Public Twitter data can predict flu outbreaks, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide. They've used public Twitter data to better predict when the flu season will peak and how bad it will be.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The mystery of a 1918 veteran and the flu pandemic

Vaccination is underway for the 2017-2018 seasonal flu, and next year will mark the 100-year anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic, which killed roughly 40 million people. It is an opportune time to consider the possibility ...

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