Coping support assists parents of hospitalized children

(HealthDay)—Coping support interventions can reduce anxiety and stress, but not depression, among parents of hospitalized children, according to a review published online Aug. 17 in Pediatrics.


How to stay sane when your child can't sleep

Your child's sleep problems may be making you depressed and unsure of your parenting skills, says a new paper by UBC sleep expert and nursing professor Wendy Hall. The good news is you can turn the situation around. In this ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Risk of preemie birth may rise for depressed parents-to-be

(HealthDay)—It's known that an expectant mother's mental and emotional health can affect her baby. New research, however, finds that depression in either the father or the mother may be linked to an increased likelihood ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychologist working to end the cycle of depression within families

Depression is now the leading cause of disability around the world, beating out diabetes, stroke and cancer in impact on quality of life. Struggles with depression can begin early, and as many as one in 10 children will have ...

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