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Europe ramps up virus response as Italy lockdown takes effect

European nations on Wednesday shut schools and universities and slapped more restrictions on travel, sport and cultural events over the surging coronavirus outbreak, as more countries announced deaths from the epidemic.


How might Medicare for All reshape health care in the U.S.?

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll indicates that support for a single-payer health system is increasing among American consumers, but many people are confused about how a program like "Medicare for All" would actually ...


Unauthorized immigrants prolong the life of Medicare Trust Fund

Unauthorized immigrants pay billions more into Medicare's Hospital Insurance Trust Fund each year than they withdraw in health benefits, according to research from Harvard Medical School, the Institute for Community Health ...


Retirement expert: Medicare already means-tested

(Medical Xpress)—The Obama administration's controversial proposal to "means-test" Medicare recipients is ostensibly aimed at generating more cash for the government from those who can afford it – or squeezing more money ...

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